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Skyde/Yeti full suspension titanium frame.

The keen French chaps at Skye have been tinkering around with full suspension options – here they’ve got XACD to make a rather good copy of a Yeti 575 front end in titanium.

It’s a prototype at the moment but Skyde are looking to offer a service to people who already have a full suspension bike and are interested in having a titanium front triangle made for it by XACD.

Skyde made a custom front triangle for a Yeti 575 with rather interesting results - probably best not ask the price though!

They’ve certainly made a rather nice job of it – the amount of manipulation on the tubes and the mix of brushed and polished finish has been done very smartly. It shows what XACD can do when given a challenge – although it would have been possible to use a more conventional frame layout and still keep the same pivot anchor points.

Nice tube manipulation and custom polished/bead blasted finish.

Skyde reckon that they have saved around 100 grammes compared to the standard aluminium front end, which is rather interesting as I’m sure the original wasn’t exactly porky to start with! It would be good to know what sort of wall thickness they’re using for the tubing as that level of manipulation offers all sorts of potential for stress related fractures.

You have to think that they’re rather brave in offering a one-off service like this where they’re not able to build and test a prototype properly. It’ll be interesting to see if they make any more – the website hints that they’re planning something similar for a Commencal Super 4.0 and Cannondale Rize rear ends.

Looks like you’re going to have to be pretty keen to want to swap the aluminium front end of your bike – but for those wanting some unique geometry or other custom tweak it could be just what they were looking for.

Check out their website for more info (English version coming, unfortunately it’s all in Flash so you can’t make use of a handy web translation service).