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Jerónimo Cycles – Spanish flair brought to life by XACD

Thanks to Olivier for yet another tip off. This time it was Spanish brand Jerónimo Cycles that caught his attention, and I can see why! Posting on a bike forum they were showing off a full suspension design that looked pretty tidy, it’s unusual to see someone make a titanium full suss, so I thought I’d find out more…

Jerónimo Cycles work on a semi custom basis in that they have a range of frames that can be customised to your taste with each one being made to order. They offer hardtail and full suspension mountain bike frames, road frames and one that doesn’t seem to fit into any category – check this bad boy out:

Come on - it's called the 'Slütter' for goodness sakes, what more do you need?

Probably one of the most original bikes I’ve seen for ages, the Slütter is the mountain bike, road bike, fixie, time trail, cyclo cross, expedition bike cross over you’ve been waiting for! Aero tubes, integrated seat post, belt drive, hub geared, eccentric bottom bracket, bolt-together chainstay, cable disk brakes, deep rims and a weird, dropped top tube all seem to work better than you think they should. It’s bonkers but I really like it! This is the one bike they offer as a complete build, probably because of the belt drive. Prices start at €5,990 so you’d better have deep pockets. (I can’t help thinking it needs a wacky pair of handlebars on it just to top things off!).

The Charbardo is the one that we’re most interested in though – a full suspension frame based on a virtual pivot design where the rear triangle is pivoted from a pair of links. As with all of their designs the final spec, including travel, is up to you, and their prices start from €2,600. It looks very well thought out, the pictures of the axle path they posted up seem pretty smooth, although as with all full suspension designs you’d really need to ride it to find out how it handles.

The pivot points look nicely sealed and this design features a bolt through rear axle which suits the ‘All Mountain’ design of the rest of the frame perfectly.

Sturdy looking full suspension design, it'd be interesting to sling a leg over this one...

The Rasputin is their hardtail mountain bike, but like all their frames each one can look quite different as every part of the design can be customised. The one below is probably one of the most extreme examples with swoopy tubes, hub gears and  a Lefty fork. It’s even been designed with a split-able right hand stays so a belt drive can be used. The eccentric bottom bracket allows the chain or belt drive to be tensioned. Prices for the Rasputin frame start from €1300, although you can expect a one like this to be quite a bit more than that!

Swoopy tubes, hub gears and a Cannondale Lefty fork mark this out as a unique customer design. Lord knows what's going on with that sawn-off saddle though!

Jerónimo Cycles was started by Pedro Jerónimo who previously ran a company that distributed cycle components. He spotted a gap in the market for high end bespoke bicycle frames and decided to start up his own company with XACD manufacturing the end product. Although it’s not clear how long Jerónimo have been going they do seem to have some experienced engineers on board which is reflected in the quality of the designs.

You can find out more on their website over here: (depending on how good your Spanish is you might want to use a translation service, the one built into Google Chrome appears to work quite well).