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Amaro bespoke bikes made by XACD

Following another tip off I found out about bespoke Spanish designers Amaro. They specialised in making unique frames to order, tailoring them to match customers requirements. They’ve now decided to bring their fabrication ‘in house’ and no longer get frames made by XACD, but I liked their variety of designs so much that I couldn’t resist doing a bit of a gallery feature showcasing the best of them. You never know – one of them might inspire you do something a little bit out of the ordinary too…

bellucci - take a nice titanium frame, saw out the main tubes and glue some carbon ones in instead 🙂 OK, maybe not quite, but this is certainly a nice way to do a fully rigid 29'er. I'd seen that carbon tubes were an XACD option but hadn't seen the results before. Looks pretty smart but you'll have less choice about what size of tubing to use and the weight will probably be about the same. I like the way the seat tube goes all the way through the junction and out the other side. Also note the integrated headtube and negative rise stem to keep the bars nice and low.

loren - tidy and fairly normal road bike frame with a neat integrated seat post and 'aero' style down tube.

cardinale sinistra - probably the most normal looking of the mountain bike frames with an unusual head tube for the Lefty fork.

rossellini - bonkers! Similar to the Jeronimo Cycles retro/modern designs (must be a Spanish thing) I love this fat tyred retro singlespeed cruiser. The integrated headtube and custom fork are a smooth touch. I'm digging the stubby mudguards too, reminds me of a 1970's Raleigh racer!

cardinale - straightforward mountain bike frame with an integrated seatpost touch. Cable run is a little 'outie' for my taste but hey, it's how I did Love You Long Time...

lollobrigida - more 'track bike meets cruiser' fun; great stuff!

More over on Amaro’s Flickr stream. Amaro are working out their production process and will be taking orders again in late 2011, it looks like they’re headed towards steel as their material of choice, but if the below picture is any indication expect more of the retro/modern mashup style that we’ve seen emerging here.

isabella - Pashley Guv'nor anyone? Hopefully slightly lighter than the guv'nor, although some brakes wouldn't hurt. Love the 'murdered out' look!