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Introducing Travers bikes – when a fat bike and a 29’er love each other very much…

Just when you think they are no more niches left: when a fat bike and a 29’er love each other very much they cuddle together and make titanium babies…

It's large, it's fat, it's a Travers Fat Rudy!

It’s large, it’s fat, it’s a Travers Fat Rudy!

Spotted over on Singletrack World the other day, say hello to Travers Bikes who offer the Fat Rudy super-sized 29’er aka ’29+’. The 50mm rim allows tyres up to 3″ in width so you can claim the advantages of the larger rolling diameter with nearly as much float as you get from a full on fat bike.

The frames feature some pretty neat details, many of which are related to squeezing those fat tyres around as many standard components as possible. Step forward horseshoe plate chainstay bridge and a good amount of curvy tubing to give clearance around the back of the seat tube and fork crown. There’s not quite enough clearance for a triple chainset but hey, you’ve got to make some compromises when you’re working with tyres that wide.

Very neat horseshoe chainstay bridge keeps the clearance decent around the 3" tyres.

Very neat horseshoe chainstay bridge keeps the clearance decent around the 3″ tyres.

You can run standard sized wheels so the clearance for a suspension fork does give it extra versatility. Another nice touch is they come with a split seat stay so you can run a belt drive with an eccentric bottom bracket in the BB30 shell. Claimed weight is a very reasonable 1760g (3.9lbs).

Travers offer their own branded rigid carbon fork which seems the best way to run a bike with fat tyres. Although they look suspension-compensated long which gives it a high front end, and it seems an oversight that they don’t come with a bolt through axle.

Neat looking headbadge with some Travers branded bars too...

Neat looking headbadge with some Travers branded bars too…

The titanium frames are made Far East although we can’t say for sure who makes them I think we can have a pretty good guess; the design of the split stay looked like one I remember seeing on a Waltly but now I’m not so sure.

Available in both stock and custom sizings Travers also offer a rolling chassis option to get you up and running. This includes frame/forks/wheels/tyres and a big pile of KCNC finishing kit for £2,199. Off the peg frames are £1,199 which is pretty decent, as always the direct marketing model cuts out the costs added on by distributors and dealers.

The bolted stay looks like the work of...

The bolted stay looks like the work of… Hmm, I’m not sure now but it’s handy being able to have the option of belt drive if you want it.

Whether or not you like the sound of a super fat titanium 29’er is up to you, but now you know a place where you can buy one! Travers also produce a 26″ full fat fat bike, standard 29’er in both boys and girls flavour, as well as a road bike. They also offer custom versions of all their frames and will even entertain a full custom bike of your own design.

Everything is backed by a lifetime warranty, but… coming from a small company – Setavento anyone? Travers are based in the UK over in that there Essex, you can check their website for more info

If you do go for one of their full custom options do let me know as I’m sure there are other folk out there who would be interested…