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Video: Beijing Cycling Stories – Titanium Frame Manufacturer

Something a little different that I thought you might be interested in…

It’s a promotional video from the organisers of the UCI Tour of Beijing, they shot some films in 2013 to give an insight into the local area and the Beijing cycling scene in particular.

This one shows the inner workings of a titanium frame factory. It doesn’t explicitly mention which one, but we can take a pretty good guess at it being Hi-Light aka Beijing Hanglun Sports Apparatus.

You briefly catch a logo on the back of someone’s t-shirt and there’s also a Van Nicholas sticker on a locker in the background. Hi-Light are one of the larger OEM suppliers and make frames for Van Nicholas. It’s interesting that they mention the company has been going for 20 years and make around 1000 frames a year.

Engineering workshops tend to look the same the world over so we can imagine that XACD, Waltly and Titan would look very similar. Let’s just hope that someone from Health and Safely isn’t looking too closely…