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Van Nicholas – titanium lefty truss fork

Now we’re talking – one of the most interesting features of the recent trade shows was this truss fork from Van Nicholas. Van Nic do all their own design work and use Hi-Light in China for their manufacturing (or at least they used to).

They were looking for a fork that would provide plenty of clearance for a 650B+ size 3″ tyre but also get people talking about them – job done I think! It’s still a prototype currently but they say production may be possible in the future.

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 20.22.48

Having thrown around and scratched out loads of fork designs myself I’d say they’ve nailed this one! It’s probably not going to be that light as you’re going to have to make that single leg pretty sturdy but they’ve definitely been putting something in the designers tea to come up with that.

I’m not sure about the curved bottom of the fork, I’d have expected them to just weld a tube to the bottom at right angles to the fork blade although it’s tricky to tell from these photos. It’s going to be tricky to pull off for the ‘deal direct’ fan as you’d need to find someone to machine up the crowns too, probably best to wait and see if they offer it for retail!

Having both crowns clamp on the fork makes headset adjustment easier than with a normal ‘fixed’ truss fork so you’ll be able to use a standard headset. But… I’m just wondering about getting the top and bottom crown aligned correctly to make sure the fork leg is straight.

The rest of the Revelstoke is pretty decent looking too; classic ‘GT’ style seat stays, a machined plate chainstay bridge and the latest 148mm rear axle give you a machine that can run 27.5+ or stock 29’er wheels as required. Frame only for €2099 is getting fairly hefty though especially as we know someone that would be able to knock up something pretty similar for quite a bit less 😉

More info, including availability, over here: