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Spanner is dead, long live Spanner (Bike)!

Have you ever set your heart on a custom titanium frame but you’re not sure about going it alone?

Like someone to sweat the details for you and then present you with the finished frame?

With a lifetime UK warranty and £2 million worth of product liability insurance?

I can help you out there with my brand, Spanner Bike. The Titanium Tailor for Discerning Gentlefolk.

Interested? Ping me at for a chat.

Yes, I’ve gone into business tailoring custom titanium bicycle frames for people and having them manufactured in China by well known fabricators that also make OEM frames for many other small builders.

This could be either a fully custom hardtail or something more gravel/road orientated, the choice is only limited by your imagination!

Cost would be from £1200 depending on what you were after, that’s a full custom frame for less than the cheapest stock frames elsewhere.

Full warranty and product liability cover, I’ll take care of everything so there’s no risk on your side.

Check out for more info.

Don’t worry, this site is going nowhere and will still feature frames that people have made – just perhaps fewer of them as I’m distracted by other things!

Any questions? Just drop me a line via the Contact page or directly at