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Dan’s Spanner Bike SYD 2.5 Titanium Hardcore Hardtail

Another happy customer…

Here’s a tale of Christmas cheer about one young man who’s been so good this year that Santa decided to reward him with a very special present 😉

Dan approached me as he had been let down on a delivery from another manufacturer and needed to source a replacement. Needless to say I was happy to step in and help out!

He was looking for a hardcore enduro hardtail, with a modern geometry, tailored so it would fit like a glove. He’d also been nursing a very bad titanium craving that really needed taking care of – Spanner Bike to the rescue!

Dan’s on top of the world, it’s been hard to wipe the smile of his face since he took delivery 🙂

I lent him my Spanner Bike SYD for a test ride and he and was super impressed to find out what a modern hardtail could do. We based his bike on mine, tweaking the sizing slightly to suit his height and prefered riding position.

We also swapped out some of the experimental features on my prototype frame for something a bit more sensible. A standard threaded bottom bracket and zip tie cable guides for starters.

Turned out nice again?

Having tweaked the design we left the fabricators to it and a few months later took delivery of another titanium lovely.

Dan did me proud with a super bling build featuring lots of orange Hope goodness, how did he know it’s my favourite colour?

No build more bling, this is coordination central!

So, what did Dan think of the finished frame?

This is my Enduro hardtail. Long, low and slack. Just the way I like ’em!

My summary after a quick blast around the woods:

Comfortable riding position. Balance of weight is very central and even when climbing both wheels felt weighted.

Point it downwards and Oh My Goodness! Prepare to either grow a pair or get shares in a brake pad manufacturer ‘coz it flies! I got those rotors pinging!

I can highly recommend having something tailored to your size, riding style and the terrain you intend to use it on.

This was a great experience and the end result speaks for itself. Top man!

Can’t beat that custom feeling!

You can’t beat throwing a leg over a bike that you’ve had custom made for you.

And I don’t think you can beat the satisfaction of creating something unique for someone when you see them enjoying it so much!

That’s what started me off down the route of having my own brand and I’m looking forward to creating new designs for many more people in 2019!

If you’re quick you can secure yourself the 2018 price of £1045 for a custom frame before I’m forced to put the price up in the New Year. Drop me a line via the contacts page if you’d like to find out more!

Until then, have a Merry Christmas and I’ll see you all again in the New Year!