Be your own brand.


My name’s Andrew and I like making stuff.

Me giving my Ti-Bride a good thrashing, or some such frightful tag line suitable for FHM.

Me giving my Ti-Bride a good thrashing, or some such frightful tag line suitable for FHM.

I’ve got a degree in Mechanical Engineering which taught me surprisingly little about how to make stuff, but did make me very good at being unemployed after I left university.

Having met someone else who thought he could make money by producing a high end suspension fork, I became involved with the UK cycle industry scene. I was the mechanic/product tester/design engineer/marketing man/blagger/salesman/tea boy for a product which I’m slightly embarrassed to think some people might have actually spent money on. I’ve also met well known journo’s from the cycle mags and became fully acquainted with the process of how manufacturers get a full and fair review printed(!). We also sponsored the then UK womens No. 2 rider, who was also a top ten International rider at the time (Oh God, I’m sorry Deb!).

I now make people happy by making their computers systems work which probably gets me much more dosh than being involved with bikes ever would have, but I still like having a tinker with bike stuff. Given the number of ‘men in shed’ microbrands nowadays I think it’s just a matter of time before everyone goes direct to the Far East for their gear.

My first frame XACD made for me was christened ‘Ti-Bride’ thanks to a friends suggestion. Like most Ti-Brides the marriage lasted for less than a year before we both got itchy feet and decided to move on. As a show of commitment the second frame from XACD was called ‘Love You Long Time’. No apologies for the rather dreadful or offensive puns involved, but frankly, it’s just traditional.

Spanner is the brand name I came up with when working for the suspension fork company, it’s just now I’ve been able to find a use for it.

If I get a change at re-incarnation I’d like to have been Brant Richards in a previous life.

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