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Spanner Bike – Project S.Y.D. aka the ultimate Titanium Hardcore Hardtail by Titan

It’s getting late now, maybe 10 or 11 at night and the garage is pretty chilly. I’ve got a furrowed brow and I’m starting to get stressed. For the past few hours I’ve been feeding various cables in and out of the frame trying to work out if the ‘impossible’ internal routing I’ve specced is

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Les roues d’Olive aka. RDO custom carbon wheels review.

Project ‘SYD’ As part of my ongoing ‘Project SYD’ I’m putting a plus sized test mule together to try out a few things. The Sonder Transmitter I bought (see here for full review) is excellent value but does suffer from some rather chunky wheels. Hence my call to friend-of-the-blog, and long term titanium hardtail fan,

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