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Are 29’ers and low bottom brackets faster? Part II

As threatened – here’s part two of the post I started the other week. You might well remember that I was slipping on the lab coat and pocket protector to work out if bigger wheels and lower bottom brackets were the key to unlocking extra speed… Regarding wheel size the answer was – 29’s might

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Are 29’ers and low bottom brackets faster? Part I

Mullet bike: business up front, party round the back… You might have noticed Project S.Y.D. has reached version 2.0 (you can find out more over at One of the key additions to that frame was enough clearance to run either 27.5 plus or 29’er wheels – all in the name of finding out which size

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Spanner Bike – Project S.Y.D. aka the ultimate Titanium Hardcore Hardtail by Titan

It’s getting late now, maybe 10 or 11 at night and the garage is pretty chilly. I’ve got a furrowed brow and I’m starting to get stressed. For the past few hours I’ve been feeding various cables in and out of the frame trying to work out if the ‘impossible’ internal routing I’ve specced is

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